Leonarda Mghendi

My name is Leonarda Mghendi. I am a holder of a Bachelors Degree in International Relations. I majored in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy and minored in Psychology. I love writing, this is why I am here. I am mostly shy, and writing is the best way how I can express myself. I love to do volunteer work, watch movies and to read. I am also a freelance writer and content creator. Reach out to me if you got any article writing or story writing jobs. I also do ghostwrite. I am pretty sure I can do movie script writing too. Well, I am teaching myself. It's a skill I can't wait to acquire because I have a lot of movie ideas. I will soon create great movies . I am a dreamer and I love it! Big things begin as dreams so I am going to keep dreaming and creating as much as I can. One final thing. I AM NOT AFRAID TO FAIL! I hope that you aren't as well. Welcome to my page. Please feel free to give me any suggestions on what topics you would want me to cover. Otherwise, I hope you will learn something from me, and I, from you. :)